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We had sleepovers almost exactly like you describe with your friend. Open full view… What was your first lesbian experience like? By the time I had gathered my thoughts she was like "That was nice, have a great day" and she was gone?

It was my first kiss, ever. Big breasted nude women photos. Your first lesbian experience. Little did she know that I was fairly knowledgeable about the ways of making love After which, bathing her. I hope she isn't using you? And certainly not like this. I did what he did to me, I guess I did good because he said he couldn't believe it was my first kiss after we went out and I told him we had a nice discussion about that later, it was coolI'm still not sure if was being nice to me Like how could I totally never forget when I was turned into a lesbian!

Hopefully, meet someone with whom I will develop a special companionship. Falling asleep and THEN doing this stuff is also an option!

She was really into me and I guess "love is blind" etc, etc. Gay girls, what was your first lesbian sexual experience like? She began bucking her hips, and when I brought my leg up between her legs, she went wild. Why did it happen?

If you are having your first-time lesbian experience, it is better not to ruin it by being all tense. Milf high heels porn pics. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: I frequently visited some local dance pubs with Eva, my best friend. And then proceeded to our respective chairs, as we were like One of her fingers managed to burrow inside the back of my panties and I felt it enter me easily, I was absolutely sopping wet and moaning that if she didn't stop I was going to explode.

My pussy was soaking wet, before even being touched and my nipples were erect and hard. She liked me for about a year or so and then I finally gave in and asked her out on a date. I always liked Lana a bit chunky but curvy bum and nice breasts. To gently touch a woman. Not my thing but who am I to judge? Damn i want to do that with you, to feel you xx.

If you let go of some of that hate maybe you would enjoy life too. Thread Tools Thread Tools. At first she jerked, hesitating when my tongue touched her fully erect clit which was huge, btw! I was speechless, my mixture of curiosity and naivety clamped my mouth shut. Liked what you just read? For some reason, even though my mother had a fairly small chest, I'd inherited Someone's genes and had a hell of a rack for a teenager:

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At first she jerked, hesitating when my tongue touched her fully erect clit which was huge, btw! My name is Janet. Years following those events, I dated men only. Perky tits long nipples. As my fingers moved back up her thighs she spread her legs in anticipation, but I just got very close and touched along the sides of her pussy.

That was before she started coming on to me…. Your first lesbian experience. But man, if anyone could convince me, Mandi could. We just touched each other, first over panties them under. She works as a f But after a week's dating I just couldn't do it anymore. Reaching inside the top of my dress, she managed to get one of my tits free to the air and squeezed and massaged it and the hard nipple making me gasp in total and complete joy.

I slightly turned and placed my other leg over her lap and she caressed my thigh as i placed my arm around her neck. If you want to read about my own real first lesbian experience you can read about it at literotica already at my page "My first lesbian experience"! We stayed together for 11 years…. Nude wonder girl. I used to have this best friend who I'd been friends with for years, the kind where you'd go over to each other's houses almost everyday just to hang out, and who you felt you were so close to you could tell them anything.

We just went with our feelings Submit a new link. On the one hand, I still wish we could reconnect, mostly because I want to have her again. But I hope it works out, too. I know, it won't be fun when she leaves.

I would like to contribute here, but I really don't remember. Nothing changed, we continued to hang out all the time, she continued to be her flirty self and I got even more attached.

I found her clit and I began flickering my tongue, alternately pressing and nibbling on it. We were at my house alone and once I asked her she jumped in my arms and kissed me softly at first then it heated up and my lust for her gave in, so one thing lead to another and I gave her all of me. You are going to raise your daughter to be gay? Select new user avatar: My first gay experience was with a guy my age, 11 years old.

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Still, if you are feeling the vibes and want to go through with your first-time lesbian experience, then it might be up to you to make the move. Topless chive girls. I was at a party and really drunk. Or buying a billion sex toys for a rampant night of experimentation with your hot lover, only to find you collapse into fits of giggles at the sight of nipple tassels and a butt plug.

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